Exchange commissions

Players who replenished the Liquidity Pool on receive 0,3% commission from each crypto exchange in real time.
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TRX token price
Liquidity pool
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Total APY
10% APY

Average profitability 10% per year in USDT and depends on the amount of funds contributed by the token holder to the liquidity pool, as well as the 888tron token exchange volume.

Liquidity token

To receive commissions from crypto exchange operations, the user needs to deposit 888Tron token paired with the TRX crypto currency into the liquidity pool In return, the user receives 888/TRX LP liquidity token, which he can stake back on the platform and continue to receive dividends as usual.

How to deposit liquidity:
  • Register at
    * if for any reason the site is not available in your region, use the free VPN service from or use any available mirror websites to enter
  • Buy cryptocurrency ТРХ (TRC-20) on Changelly or use any other convenient way
  • You can buy 888tron tokens using a wallet that supports TRX cryptocurrency like for example Tronlink . Or you can use to buy 888tron tokens.
  • Put the 888tron token paired with TRX cryptocurrency into the liquidity pool add 888
  • Enter the received 888 / TRX LP liquidity token into the Rewards section on the website Rewards
  • The commission from each crypto exchange operation on the 888 token is automatically distributed to all holders of 888 / TRX LP liquidity tokens in proportion to their share in the liquidity pool. The commission is distributed into the liquidity token itself and is shown as a change in the balance of the entered 888 and TRX tokens.
  • The 888 / TRX LP liquidity tokens entered into the Rewards section of the website Rewards, participate in receiving daily payments from the Reward pool and rewards in the value of the 888 tokens for Yield farming
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